Visual Altimeters

£ 175.00

ALL NEW for 2016! The STELLA™ is a digital analog altimeter at a price-point that is friendly to an entry level student skydiver all the way to a seasoned veteran of the sky.

£ 120.00
Alti-2 Galaxy
Alti-2 Galaxy is our best-selling altimeter, and is available in eight different colours. The Galaxy is an ideal first altimeter, being equally easy to read in freefall and under canopy.
£ 225.00
Viso II+
Viso II+ is our best-selling digital visual altimeter. The sharp LCD display provides real-time altitude or speed readout during freefall and under canopy.
£ 325.00
Alti-2 N3 is a digital visual and audible altimeter. This unit is the must-have DZ accessory, incorporating such useful features as log book, load timer it is available in six different colours.
£ 345.00
AltiTrack is a digital visual altimeter that looks just like the analogue type altimeter. Behind its easy-to-read front dial it has a computer that stores jump data, and an LCD display.
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