Altimeter Accessories

£ 10.00
Set of two batteries suitable for your audible/digital altimeter. Available for L&B Solo/Optima/Viso, ProTrack, and AltiTrack; Alti-2 Neptune.
£ 25.00
L&B Viso Armband
A snug and secure elastic arm band for your VISO/VISO II+ altimeter. Available in 5 sizes and 12 different colours.
£ 25.00
N3 Armband
The elastic wrist mount for the N3 keeps your altimeter comfortably secure to your arm/wrist using stretchy fabric and rubber pocket.
£ 10.00
Altimeter Strap
Replacement altimeter strap made with Velcro for a secure fit. For use when mounting your altimeter on your hand or wrist. Altimeter not included.
£ 10.00
Altimeter Replacement Lens
Replacement lens for your altimeter. Easy to screw or clip in to replace damaged or broken lenses. Available for Alti-2 Galaxy or Viplo FT50.
£ 11.00
Neptune Armor +
Neptune Armor+ is a silicon rubber cover for your Neptune altimeter which will help prevent damage to the screen and casing.
£ 11.00
Neptune Screen Protectors Pack
Protects the screen of your Neptune from scratches and dings, when the overlay gets damaged, just peel it off and apply a new one. Six per pack.
£ 77.00
The JumpTrack interface and software for your ProTrack or AltiTrack. The ultimate tool for extracting and viewing data from your electronic logbook.
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