Main Packing

£ 30.00
Soft Links (Main Canopy)
PD or Aerodyne Soft Links for your main canopy can reduce damage to the slider grommets and extend the life span of suspension lines.
£ 3.00
Bungees for packing, available in standard or microline size - 20x standard OR 40x microline.
£ 9.00
Tube Stoes
The Tube Stoe is extremely durable and can last hundreds of jumps Comes in a pack of 10 (7 small and 3 larger).
£ 14.00
Pack Boy
The original packing tool. Very good if you find that pull-ups give you sore fingers! Comes with a spare cord.
£ 1.00
Closing Loop
Closing loop with washer included. A knot can be tied / adjusted to the desired length. 1 for £1, or 3 for £2.50.
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