Reserve Packing

£ 35.00
Soft Links (Reserve Canopy)
PD or Aerodyne Soft Links for your reserve canopy can reduce damage to the slider grommets and extend the life span of suspension lines.
£ 7.00
Locking Pull Up
The Locking Pull Up controls the thickness of the freebag on 1-pin reserves. Also use instead of a bodkin.
£ 17.00
Hollow Pin
Hollow metal pin to assist with tricky closures. For use by persons properly trained in reserve parachute packing.
£ 18.00
T Bodkin
T Bodkin is a helpful aid in closing containers. Built of high quality steel and plated to prevent rust.
£ 15.00
FID set, available in hard wearing Delrin plastic, or stainless steel. Set of 3 different sizes.

£ 30.00
Positive Leverage Closing Device
The Positive Leverage Closing Device reduces the pull force required to close some reserve pack jobs.
£ 30.00
Pull Check Tool
The Pull Check Tool tests the pull force on your pack jobs. With clearly marked 'remove before jumping' streamer.
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